It's the Fifteen Century and life is good. Merchant life is active, peace reigns, and the people are happy. At least it seems that way. The only disturbing aspect of it all is the forced nature of everything. Since the state religion has become so popular so fast, it seems that everyone is rushing to become a follower of the new god, Jerboha, who allows no other gods. Thus any other religion is strictly prohibited within Italia. What's most interesting about that is that there has been to date almost no resistance. High Priests of the Roman gods have converted themselves and brought droves of followers, seemingly willingly and quite happily. Suspicious sorts suspect foul play, and you are a suspicious sort.
  Fight the Real Enemy!

  An ADND PBEM based on variant real-world 16th century Italy
  Potential Players: The instructions below are for you. As it turns out, I am continually attempting to find the best group of players that I can, and thus if you feel you can add to the experience, I can usually find a place for you. There are instructions below regarding that.
  Lurkers: Get on and enjoy the ride. All you need do is send an e-mail to me (address at the bottom of the page) so that I might add you to the list and we're off. I welcome comments to me that you might have regarding the game, though I do not allow posts from lurkers to the playing list. Sorry. Also, if you are interested in temporarily being a part of the game, I usually have NPCs that I am willing to farm out to interested lurkers. Adds to the fun to have a real person playing them, and potentially takes some work of my shoulders, which I am all for.
  This is an ADND PBEM, beginning at 1st Level based on a variant real world, including all the pertinent fantasy elements of a typical ADND game, of course. Focused on Italy in the Fifteenth century, all characters will need to be believable for that setting. I am prepared to accept any race/class combination from both 1st and 2nd edition, though I frown on PO stuff because it's mostly just for munchkins. I am willing to accept exotic races and or classes as well, with the qualification that they cannot be obviously min-maxed (no Drow please!) and must be very well presented for me to accept. One of the best concepts I have yet received was an Orcish Priest (Urak-Gor). This is the type of thing that I am willing to work with you on.
  While the above may not make it seem so, this will be an old-school ADND game, as I am an old school DM. Some characters will die, and there will not be loads of magical goodies and treasure for all. RPing is the desire here, and no player who has not demonstrated a lot of skill in that arena will be accepted. Also, I am anticipating many applicants, and at this point I am only running two groups, so there will be a process of elimination, which you as the potential players will participate in. Still interested? Good. Character creation will be simple. The Irony system, which many of you will be familiar with, has a die-rolling program that will copy me in along with e-mailing you the results. Standard die rolls, six times 4d6 eliminate the lowest die, which the Irony die roller will do for you. It's a very simple program, but if any of you have trouble with it, feel free to e-mail me with questions
  Irony Die Roller
  Once you have your standard six rolls, as a quirk I will offer you a benefit if you keep them in the order you rolled them. If you do so, in the 1st OR 2nd edition format (different order of abilities), I will allow you to take a +2 on one ability or a +1 on two abilities without penalty. If, OTOH, you wish to rearrange your abilities to fit your desired character, that of course will also be allowed. The above is just a lean to the way that it was done back in the day .
  Now it's up to you. You take those abilities and make your character as you see fit. Remember that I anticipate getting several very good players from other games that I have participated in, so a generic character or an obviously min-maxed character will not even be considered. The best way to make sure your character gets into the game is to make a character that I won't want to leave out of the game. Use real life history with a bit of ADND stuff thrown in there, as what I am working on here is going to be realistic (I hope!). Once you progress into the character-building process, you may take maximum hit points and equip yourself reasonably. The hit points are so that you don't bump into a tree and die from the damage, and I am not a real stickler regarding beginning equipment.. Thanks to all of you that have read this far and I genuinely look forward to what you all send me.
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  This is a mirror, for Ben Lomax's "Fight the Real Enemy!" AD&D PBeM game.
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 You can also check out a game that inspired Ben. Or, as Ben puts it:"For his influence on me and this game, thanks to Nick Pendrell, whose PBEM is the best game I have ever seen, without question."

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